Let it Bleed #7

She sat there drinking her tenth cup of coffee, jittery and carefree. She hadn’t fathomed her soon to be reality. The small, glass round table before her began to shake, violently. As she looked around the room, in shock, she would realize nothing else besides the table was shaking.

Were her eye’s deceiving her? Is she loosing her mind?

With her coffee and bag in her hand she moves quickly out of the vicinity. On the curb she hails a taxi cab. Whistling to grab their attention. She frantically dials her best friend while entering the cab. Her phone begins to shift in her hand, catching it before it falls, she notices it begins to shake.

What the hell is happening?” stuttering she asks the cab driver. He, an immigrant, demands for her destination.

As they pull away from curbside she glances at the mile monitor. Focusing she is startled to see movement. Immediately she closes her eye’s, shakes her head as in effort to regain her focus.


Trembling in her tone she gives the address to her boyfriend’s house. She is certain he will see what she is seeing. Suddenly the cab driver comes to a stop yelling for her to exit the cab.

“You have 20 miles before my address!” she exclaims. Without regard he demands she “GET OUT”. As she is fighting to stay she notices the monitor slashing violently. Dashing out of the door in fear she stumbles and falls to the pavement.

She looks up in longing for help and she sees the billboard of advertisement beginning to wobble. Collectively she equates that all of the electronics near her are doing the same thing, the shaking.

“What is causing such commotion?” she questions. No one is in sight as she stands from the fall. Scraped and bloody knees lead her to a pay phone. Once she enters her coins the dial tone goes silent. There is to be no communication. In a state of confusion she runs into the coffee shop where it had all began.

Let It Bleed


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