A New Dawn

Waking this morning I took my mother’s go to suggestion …. shower. This is always her first suggestion when I tell her or she can see I am in a funk. Reluctantly I did so and I am amazed at what became of it. It was almost as though I was washing away the funk. Unveiling a grateful, proud and semi happy Eve.


Much to my surprise I noticed it was turning daylight as I showered. With the winter comes shorter days and leaving for work in the morning it is dark. Hearing the bird’s chirp outside of the bathroom window reminded me spring is around the corner.

There is still rain in our forecast but this morning I can say that the shower did what my Ma always intends for it to do. My eye’s no longer see the dim and my heart isn’t as heavy.

I am grateful for what I have in front of me and I AM WORTHY of whatever is thrown my way, albeit hard to deal with or gifts of happiness. I can deal with life in this very moment.

Taking my Me Time this morning I realized just how incredibly grateful I am. I meditated over the fact that I have plenty to be grateful for. I run a successful blog, I maintain two job’s, I am raising a well rounded child and I am physically capable of moving around. Those are plenty reason to celebrate gratitude.

I ask that my followers send positive vibes to my friend Barb. She is having a hard time right now. I value her voice!!


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