As I sit and question what is my blogs purpose I am left without a definite answer. Yea I am sober and my mood swings are under control but what am I sharing with y’all that you can take away?

I’m no longer in therapy. All I talk about is me …. blah.

But what am I contributing towards making a difference?

I’m not. Yea I believe I’ve discovered my passion but I’m not so sure I should invest in it. I’m having my doubts. In previous days I had been so elated and now its just, yea.

We all do things differently and I’m not sure I am quailifed for what it is I want to do. I have a habit of comparing myself to others and that isn’t the case with this. With this i am being honest with myself. There’s a big difference. It will all work itself out with time.

Back to the first statement. I need to discover where I want this blog to go. It used to be satisfying as a personal blog, my in depth post go unnoticed, and that leaves me wondering, what do I want to do with ROE. I have full intentions of getting a different domain and as Revenge of Eve is my baby, I need more from this space. Not more from my followers. I couldn’t ask for a better audience.

This is where I need some honest answers.

??What do you get from reading my blog??

Perhaps something you suggest will be exactly what I need to do. Please give me honest feedback! ❤


30 thoughts on “Self-Doubt

  1. I like how real your blog is. Sometimes you’re depressed, sometimes things are hard, and you don’t sugarcoat that but yet you still manage to come out with positive things as well. And it feels like your personality comes though very strongly, which helps your blog feel like a community hangout of sorts.


  2. For me personally, I like knowing that you work, despite everything, that little thing gives me hope that if you can do it, then so can I, even if our mental health problems are different, it is little things like that help me, plus I really like you

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    1. Awe. That is sweet. I do try to work to better my situation. I wasn’t dealt the best hand but I try working with what I was given, and try not to complain. I truly like you too Trina. I enjoy the friendships I have made through this blog. I will always remain loyal to my original followers. I guess it is a good thing my personality shows through on my writing.. Would that be considered my writers voice?

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      1. I think your writers voice and your voice are the same thing. Especially with your writing, you write with raw honesty and that comes across in your words. Even say a simple post, such as one you did, where you didn’t work for a couple of days, it was short, but it explained that you just needed a time out, it might not seem a lot, but when you read someones writing, you feel personally involved with them and want them to be ok, you want to celebrate the successes and hug them through the disapointments

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      2. That is so wonderful to hear. I was telling Nataie from My Inner Zen that being relatable was my first goal when I began my blog. I am glad to have developed my writers voice. 🙂. Now what should I do next??? 😂😂

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  3. I was also going to say it is your authenticity that I love. Even just the fact that you aren’t scared of openly questioning yourself, your purpose, the purpose of the blog is kind of brilliant. You’re brave in the face of uncertainty and you give us a little glimpse into the vulnerability inherent in that bravery. It is hard to admit when we don’t know something or feel uncertain about our path in life, yet, it’s such an incredibly human experience. One which you share openly about.

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  4. I enjoy the mere fact that you are down to earth and honest not only with the reader but with yourself. I enjoy that you engage others to participate in the WYF, recently changed to G2K, and recently the P4J. I think you are hard on yourself, and I’m not quite sure why. One question for you… Why did you stop therapy? I know I miss mine desperately. But, until I get my insurance shit together, I can’t see her until it’s straightened out. In the meantime… I love reading your blog daily, I’m a huge fan of yours. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the reassurance. Me being so hard on me is a character default i have just begun working on. I didn’t quit therapy, i graduated to a less severe level and haven’t yet sought further therapy. I do love it but it is my laziness that has prevented me.

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  5. Does anything really NEED to change? Can you keep going down the path you already are with your writing? The realness and rawness is so important to so many of us who are so sick of others living in denial and forcing us to do so too. We all appreciate reading something that is just the truth of you.

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    1. Yay! Thank you. That is exactly what i just posted about. I just published it, You Wanna See This, perhaps you can read that and be proud of me 🙂


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