❤You Wanna See This ❤

Psst. I’m gonna tell a secret at the end of this post 😲!!!


I wrote the post Self-Doubt around 1 am while at work after a long day. It was my first blip on my pathway to passion. I had 14 straight days of productivity minus my two dizzy days. That’s pretty good for a chick with bipolar! 😉

But …….

I figured it out!!! The thing that has been urking me about starting another blog.

I don’t have to…. I keep ROE, get my own domain and choo choo along.

Why? Because why change what I’ve only just begun? Abandon it? I can’t do that. I LOVE ROE and her story. There is a reason this blog was created and I refuse to abandon that reason. Was Roe abandoned and then turned to buliema?

I will not chose silence. I chose to be the author of my own story.

Y’all have watched as I’ve grown and experienced set backs and it is because of your support that I have gained confidence in myself. What would be the point in growing without my army of supporters?

Well I asked the question what am I contributing to making a difference?

It just so happens my passion project is targeted at helping people ….. I almost gave it away. !.! Shhhh! Giving up on my passion because of a little self-doubt isn’t my style anymore.

Slowly I will reveal myself further but today felt like a great day to properly introduce myself. It only seems fair, considering y’all have watched as I peel my layers. The least I can do is get more personal and tell you my name. My birth given name.

Drumroll please ….

Hello everyone. I am Candace. My family calls me Candace Lynne.

(Which is my middle name) *Feel free to continue calling me Eve or you can call me Candace. I’ll answer to either. But do not whatsoever call me Candy.

* I used way too many tags on this post 😂


41 thoughts on “❤You Wanna See This ❤

    1. Thanks so much. I have doubted myself throughout my life so much that i have never moved forward with something, always trying to reinvent but this blog has changed who I am. I am becoming someone I truly like and that is because of this community. I never knew signing up that it would impact me as much. I appreciate your honest feedback and thank you for being a part of my journey.


      1. The blog world is a wonderful world with like minded loving people who truly care unconditionally and know what struggles are and talk about it openly. I have met more people that have made me feel understood here than anywhere else. And that furthered into more conversation through emails and imessage.
        I know what self doubt feels like. I feel like this space you created for yourself is like the one i created for myself where I can be who I am meant to be. That has spilled over into my life where I have finally found a voice, set boundaries, and realized I knew who I was all along, I was just listening too much to others who didn’t know me but acted like they did.
        I’m so happy you are blogging and embracing who you are. It’s awesome !

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      2. I just followed you and you have the most beautiful photography. My favorite photos are of nature. I too have learned to set boundaries and speak with my voice. I am happy to hear that you’ve grown as well. Thank you again for being so encouraging. I need it sometimes, maybe too often but i am getting there with patience.


      3. Thank you!!! I started it a year ago and my husband bought me the camera for Christmas so that I could really get into that moment with nature. I love everything nature and find I can truly feel like myself when I am in that moment with a butterfly or a ray of sunlight on a flower. Thank you for following my blog!
        I submitted a photo for your contest. I hope you get a lot of entries. It’s funny because when I saw your contest I thought oh shoot I post every picture at the end of the day. None are unpublished! So I went out that day and had to take a new one just for you 🙂

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      4. What’s really cool is that you are doing this idea without maybe even realizing that you inspire someone who may want to just stay in bed, to get up and have a reason to try. That day you gave me a reason to try and that matters.

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      5. Wow!! No ma’am, I didn’t realize that my little humble space does that for others. That is the best thing I’ve been told. Thank you for warming my heart and thank you for your entry into the contest. I hope you submit more.


      6. Well….i’ve been in bed since yesterday and because I have nothing for tomorrow YOU are the reason i just called my husband and asked him to come home straight from work to take me to take photos so I could submit one. So you are making a difference in many lives for sure

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      7. That comment took my breath away, honestly. Thank you for mustering up the strength to get up!! I have faith in you.

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  1. Wow! My name is Candice Lynne. Just one little i difference. Actually, I was given the name Candace Lynn when I was born, but was given up for adoption when I was already old enough to know my name. My adoptive parents then changed the spelling of my name. Probably more information than you wanted to hear, but it makes me feel kind of sisterly. ❤️

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      1. Yes, now I do. My adoptive parents changed the a to i in Candice, and added the e to Lynn. I met my birth mother in 1998, by an odd set of circumstances, which I may post about someday. I was 42 at the time.

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      2. I’ve never met another with an e on the end of Lynne. I love that we have the same name. I hope to read your post about meeting her, when you are ready, of course.

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  2. You are an amazing person Eve and I know that many people around the world get inspired by your life including myself. It was a very good initiative starting this blog and sharing about your life. I know sharing about your life is easier said than done but you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thank You Beckie. Whichever you want to call me, I like. And you can call me Candace Lynne, like my family because you have indeed become one of my closest friends. There is no where I would go without telling ya’ll. I had planned to keep my passion project seperate from here and I realised that was stressing me out and stupid on my behalf. I need ya’ll to keep me going and moving forward.

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      1. Well, I am very pleased to hear that we keep you going because you most certainly keep me going too. I don’t know what I would do without my blogging community to hold me afloat at the most difficult times in my life too. You are very dear to me, and I hope you would know, there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for you. 🙂

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