R.O.E.’s Story

This blog is dedicated to, any and all, that have lost their life dealing with mental illness.

R.O.E was created to give a voice to those who lost their opportunity and to allow me to be the narrator of my own story.  The stigma, surrounding mental illness has caused great strife for those who struggle with it daily,  fighting an invisible illness.

Many people have questioned the name of my blog and ask what it is I seek revenge on.  Silence.  For all of those who were afraid to speak up for fear of judgment.  

An idea was planted in my head, to act on, when I met a young woman who went on to die from bulimia.  There were million’s of questions that ran through my curious mind.  The who, what, when and how’s consumed me for weeks.  The version of her story that I received was vague and brought no justice to who she was as a person.

In that moment I decided I would never allow anyone else to tell my story.  My story is that of an alcoholic in recovery, living with bipolar disorder.  Days are unpredictable, nights spent overthinking and a life deserving of my presence.  This isn’t how I have always felt but since beginning my blog I have gained a sense of purpose.

Roe was the young lady’s name who lost her battle with bulimia, creating the acronym’s for Revenge of Eve.