P4J Submission

I love this entry! A snail. As cute as can be. This was entered by Cyranny.



I am saddened to announce that ROE will be out of commission for, at max, a month.

I am excited to say that it is for branding purposes 🙂

I didn’t know anything about blogging when I started. When I made the decision to start another blog, I learned about branding. Well, I want ROE to have a cohesive look. This will require me to alter all of my post, all 650+ of them. 😯 That’s gonna take some time but with ROE being my baby, it’ll be worth every second!

It seemed perfect timing to do so after my one year anniversary and upon the announcement of the p4j winner.

I have recently seen a decrease in views and I attribute that to me posting less and it being summer time or something to do with WordPress but it is a dramatic decrease. I will never know the true reason behind the drop but a new, fresh facelift never hurt anyone, well some people. 😂

You may have already noticed some changes. Feel free to still browse around as I make changes but I will only be reposting here. I will, however, be posting on NYAC and The Bipolar Writer.

* I estimate a month but if WP is acting up it may take longer. Please don’t go anywhere!! I love y’all ❤

heart shape book paper-ROE-A Huge Thanks

A Huge Thanks!

Thanks, ya’ll!

Below you will find an extensive list of p4j participants.  Many of the participant’s submitted multiple photos and some only once.  I am flabbergasted by the number of submissions each Friday.  I learned some valuable lessons in regards to having a contest.  Stay tuned for that post!  Now without further ado, I present to you the lovely participants of P4J: (in no particular order)

Son of a Beach

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove

Bethany K.


Laura of All the Shoes I Wear

Sukriti of Sally Choudhary

Carole Anne of Many of Us


Kerry of This Takes Courage

Lee of Are My Feet Off The Ground

Smita Singh

Skin Kitten of Skin Kitten is Mental

Viola of Violas Daily Musings

Lotta of Yes You Can

Shaun of Shaun’s Fitness Ideas

Tere Gonzalez

For those of you who have displayed your participants badge on your site, Thank You extra big for helping to promote the contest.  Next years P4J will be bigger and better!!  Please don’t miss out 🙂

ROE-P4J Participants badge





You live & Ya Learn

You think I would’ve known that shipping out of country cost extra but I had no idea it was that much extra. It cost me $19 to mail a 2 pound package to Canada. Almost as much as the contents! Sheesh. I figured it would cost around $10 but damn …. I was wrong.

No worries though. The judges and Beckie should receive their gifts by the end of the week. I’m not so sure about Ashley’s because she is out of the country but for sure it ought to be there by mid-week, next week. I am happy to have everything wrapped up with P4J. The surprise shipping costs opened up my eyes for when I start selling products on NYAC. Nice heads up.

Things have stayed pretty peaceful on the home front. I have decided to wait until school starts before amping up my work schedule again. The break has been nice but a challenge finacially. I’m not struggling by any means but I do have to monitor my spending.


My daughter put in an application to a clothing store that targets tweens and in the same day she was contacted. Yesterday she went for her interview and was hired on the spot!! Yay. She is so excited! Her first job. It is located close to my house and the security is strict. It makes me feel better knowing that there is tight security. She has training a few days this week but will officially start in two weeks. Next week she’ll be out of town on vacation.

Not much else has happened. Not anything exciting anyways. I am learning to trust my creative abilities a little more. I still continue to struggle with it but I am being more forgiving, I should say. I have finally produced two satisfactory products. Yes, only two and one of them I gave away to a friend who was struggling with the one year anniversary of her husbands death. She loved it. I trying not to focus on how long it has taken me to find my groove.

That’s about it for now. Mentally I am stable and have been making sure to take my meds. I hope that each of you have a day filled with positivity and productivity.

Featured image care of P4J. Submission on behalf of Cyranny.

Get to know-ROE



is a series of questions giving readers insight into the personal lives of their favorite bloggers.

Participation is easy!

Create a pingback to this post

Answer the following questions honestly

Title your post G2K

Use the hashtag #g2k

  1. If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?
  2. Who would benefit from such change?
  3. Are there steps you can take to make this change happen?
  4. How does this impact your life? (The thing you want to change)
  5. How would your life be different from what it is today if this change occurred?

My answers

  1. I would change the fact that I am emotionally immature.
  2. Everyone in my immediate circle could benefit if I were more mature in this area especially my daughter.
  3. Yes. Seek counseling would be the first step in the right direction.
  4. It affects many areas of my life most significantly my relationship with my daughter.
  5. If I put in the work to help myself mature, it would enhance my relationships in general. I would be more likely to control emotional outbursts and anger fits.

Picture is a P4J submission by Skinkitten. If I am incorrect about the photographer please correct me. I received a lot of entries and some of the emails were deleted, leaving me to my memory, which is not the best 😞 The submission was in color and beautiful but all photos on the “new” ROE are converted to black and white.


Beach Bash

Welcome to ROE’s Beach Bash!

In recognition of my one year of blogging, I am throwing a Beach Bash!! I brought plenty of sunscreen and food. Who is bringing the music?


Photo by Max Daley on Pexels.com

Bash Details

BYOB affair

Where: the Beach of course

When: July 16, 2018 – July 17, 2018

Time: 8am-8am Central U.S.

This Beach Bash is open to all bloggers. A few rules to follow are:

Kindness only

Drop a link, click a link

Feel free to share a blog link or a post link

You can share up to two links

Reblog this post

Follow someone new (It doesn’t have to be the host)

Most importantly, Have fun!

Now let’s catch some waves and play some volleyball!!

Surf’s Up


Photo by Ghost Presenter on Pexels.com

P4J Winner

The long-awaited day has come!

I am excited to announce the winner but before I do I would like to thank my judges. Each week they received photos from me. We communicated back and forth, successfully, using Google Drive. Such a nifty app it is. They were great sports and I hope they enjoy the small token of appreciation that I am mailing off tomorrow. Ashley and Barb, You two rock!! (My daughter too :)) The support I received from them promoting the contest by reblogging posts was phenomenal. They proudly display judges badges on behalf of P4J on their personal sites. If it weren’t for them this contest would not have been successful. A huge round of applause for Ashley and Barb! Feel free to thank them yourselves in the comments or show them some love by checking out their sites!

Now …..

Drumroll, please…..

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess!!!

deflated balloons-ROE-contest winner

Ironically Beckie won a contest on my other blog just two weeks ago. P4J was judged without the judges knowing the photographer!!

I can’t believe she won twice! What a lucky leprechaun!


The photograph that won is ….

The judges were asked to pick the photo that evoked emotion. This is the one that was chosen. This contest was a close call with runner-ups. Unfortunately, there are no prizes for placing second and third. I will, however, share the submissions of the whole contest throughout the month of July. I will credit the blogger who submitted the photo. For the contestants, please feel free to share your photos anywhere you’d like.

P4J is officially over