Do You Have Time?

On random days, while looking through WordPress, I will read posts that pertain to Growing Your Blog or 7 Reasons Your Blog is Failing. These post interest me not because I want fame and followers but because they generally get me thinking.

For starters I do not have a product I sell on my blog but I do have a target audience. Leading me to question who is my audience? I’m most certain we are all in the mental health community with a few exceptions but I would LOVE TO hear from y’all!! If you have a moment give me a brief description of yourself in the comments. Example… age/single/live in Australia and work at a bank. Life with two kids. Something simple and not time consuming.

I would also enjoy knowing if you enjoy my post. For the most part, I write for myself to keep up with life and lessons but I am finding that I have become interested in writing more serious post, one’s that require a little research. Not anything too heavy but to throw something new in the mix. Secondly, do you enjoy my blog as is? Any improvement suggestions?

Lastly I would like to THANK EACH OF YOU for commenting, following and reading my content. I truly feel accepted and a part of.

I hope to hear from y’all and I am open to any advice, just keep my best interest at heart♡ Eve


Eve Answers

What pets did you have while growing up?

We lived in the country on the outskirts of town. We had 2-3 tom cats at all times. They were hunters, killing mice, squirrels and bird’s. We also had dog’s and at one point and time we had parakeet.

None of the pets belonged to me personally but feeding them was part of a chore. I never owned my own pet until 2007, a cat named Gracie, later to purchase my “son”. He is a toy Maltese and my little love.

What types of animals did you have?

Weekend Share #16

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Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Here it is ladies and Gentlemen.

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So if you have a post that you want more exposure, or maybe even your blog. Maybe you have seen someone elses post and thought I need to…

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No Thank You, Sir.

As I sit waiting for my wind shield to defrost I question why I came into work. Not only because it was slow but because I should’ve gotten an explanation to why I am suddenly back on the schedule especially when I find out they have been short staffed. Hmmm. On a normal occasion I don’t know if I’d mention tonight’s circus but I am disgusted and kind of pissed!

There are certain aspects about bartending that come with the territory. One of the unfortunates is the sexual harassment. I can banter with the best of them but tonight this sleaze took it to a whole new level. I was told to keep serving the asshole because he is loaded ie. wealthy Soooo, I did as I was told.

The bar was practically empty all night leaving only he and I, not that he cared about the few that were there, and it was a constant struggle. For beginners he propositioned the day bartender, offering her $1,000, she declined, reluctantly. (That’s a different story.) Me being her relief meant I had to endure his sexual advances with a smile on my face. Mind you any of the bars I have previously worked at would’ve flagged this dude and sent him on his way. No, not this “classy” bar.

Forgive me for my cynicism because I was warned about this place when I was hired on. The warnings were to heed the owner and a few of the bar patrons. With that said, all of this should come as no surprise.

I refuse to divulge the obscenities that came from this man’s mouth. At some point during the night he decided to disclose that he has been accused of a many thing’s he wasn’t guilty of and all I could hear was a voice in my head screaming RAPE! Well I used to question that head voice but I’ve learned it is always right. I didn’t ask any questions because honestly, I didn’t care to know and if it were rape, he did it, as far as I’m concerned. He gave me the heabygeebees. He is a prime example of money can not buy everything. As the night comes to a close we literally have to escort him to the door, give a directional push, and lock the door. His word’s made me feel like I was assaulted. Here’s the catcher…. As I was pulling out of the empty parking lot, he pulled back in signalling me to stop!!! Thank God I had pulled off and my manager was behind me. Scary, creepy and really!?!?!

All of this leads me to my point. The owner of the bar has no respect for me because if he had he would’ve inquired if I were comfortable, then make the decision if he stays or goes. That’s the thing about the other places I’ve worked, they allowed me to determine how much I could take, standing behind my decision whereas here I was told to take it. I don’t like that, at all. If I accept it tonight then I should expect it to happen again, if not many more time’s.

I have worked hard to get where I am with self respect and I’m not sure I will allow this to happen again. I weighed the pros and cons and frankly, I believe I will look for another second job. I’m no longer in the business of self degradation!!

Back on Track, Stat!

At about 11:30pm, Monday night, Artic Blast 2018 rolled into town, blanketing Northern Louisiana in bright white flurries. It came and went rather quickly, as expected.

Working at the casino’s you can guarantee to work every occasion all other businesses are closed. Tuesday was a day as such. Flights were delayed and highways closed forcing hotel guest to stay another night. As luck would have it, we were busy. A steady flow of customer’s ran throughout breakfast and into the evening. After an exhausting 11 hour shift I clocked out and strolled to my hotel room. A co-worker and I had a room for 3 night’s and I chose to stay for two of those, returning home today.

Tonight I will go into my second job for the first time in two week’s. I’m not exactly sure how I am feeling about this, but I am going. Two weeks ago I received a text stating I wasn’t on the schedule for the week, only to receive the same text the following week. Reason being, slow business. I expect they had another bartender work my shifts and I’m not sure as to why. I wasn’t given nor did I ask for an explanation. I was appreciative for the break. Temperatures are still below freezing so I assume tonight will be slow as well.

With the inclement weather, banks, schools and doctor’s offices were closed on Tuesday. This left me feeling let down because my psychiatrist appointment was cancelled, meaning no med adjustment or refill for my Vyanse. It is tiresome trying to get an appointment rescheduled because they do not answer the phone’s which only leaves the option of going to the office myself to book. Ugh. Annoying to say the least. I suppose that is the service to be expected when you receive Medicaid.

Today I was able to pay my car note and get all of my belongings home from the hotel room. Other than work that is all I accomplished. I am ready for life to get back on track. My schedule has been out of whack since Thanksgiving. My internal clock needs some adjusting.

Hopefully tomorrow things will straighten out and give me time to engage on WordPress. I miss reading and writing. Cheers to a positive rest of the week.

Xoxo~ Eve

Eve Answers

Are you usually early or late?

Early. I can not stand tardiness. I am punctual, 98% of the time. I usually arrive on time but I’d prefer to be early so I can scope out my surroundings and get comfortable.

In This Moment

My mind is “go’n”. I have made the decision to not just sit today. Sticking to my motto do more I am going to prepare myself for the bad weather heading towards Louisiana. When I said bad weather I am referring to the ice that is soon to blanket us.

If you don’t know anything about Louisiana let’s just say we are below sea level. We are a marsh. Not a bank that holds snow and ice. Our wind freezes mid air as it blows, turning immediately into ice. We are built for 120° F … that’s hot. We have beer, sunscreen and gators, not snow tires, plows and coats. It’s bout to get nasty!

The bright side is I prepare. Well my Ma calls me, expressing concern and puts a little seed in my head…. then I prepare.😉 And it’s going to be good times spent making memories.

Leading up to the ice storm we have beautiful skies and 60°weather. My co workers daughter likes my sense of fashion, flattered, I take her shopping for each significant high school event. Today we put together a stylish, simple black, below the knee, siloutee dress and paired it with a vintage, gold and light brown blazer. She will wear taupe colored boots. I enjoying helping her and her mother with this task. We also bought some ankle tights with boot socks for the added sense of style. She will be the belle of the military ball, arriving more casual yet head turning. I’ll give myself some credit in the style area.

Eventually I made it home to some coffee and to pack my bags. My co workers and I are staying in a room in the casino’s hotel. This prevents us from missing work due to the weather. Many employees have bridges to drive over so a few of us are getting together for a night out then carry on into our room. This will be out of the ordinary these days for me but spontaneous moments as such make the lasting memories I deserve.

How’s this for doing more!?!? 🙂

Riding around taking care of stuff made me feel alive. I couldn’t help to be grateful for mobility and friends. I operated my day recreational drug free. That in itself was an accomplishment.

I am not setting any expectations on our evening. I will go with the flow. Possibly play a few slot machines before calling it a night. I couldn’t dare be late in the morning!!