P4J Submission

P4J Submission -ROE

Another lovely entry from Bethany. Bethany participated in 90% of the contest with her amazing wildlife photography. I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do.


When Will I Be Comfortable with My Style?

Why are new adventures so damn hard for me? I really struggle with accepting my own style. Hell, I’m even unsure of my style. I like everything, kinda. Should I just stick to what I know? I would never grow if I did.

Self-acceptance has always been a struggle for me. Growing up my dad always wanted me to be like so and so or so and so. I want to shake it so bad because I know I have potential to do great things. Self-doubt is a bitch!! It is really hindering me these days. It has been a common theme in my life for too long. If anyone else struggles with this, to extreme, what are some suggestions you have for overcoming? I hate to even consider it but I may have to sign off all social media for a while to gain confidence in myself.

I don’t wanna be anyone other than myself.

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P4J Submission

This photo was submitted by Carol Anne. For those of you who do not know Carol Anne, she is a lovely, blind lady from Ireland. Because of her I allowed those with sight problems to participate in the contest by allowing a friend or parent to take the photo for them. Carol Anne has a presenceon WordPress that is like no other. I am fond of her and what she adds to the mental health community. Thanks Carol Anne for this photo of you. ❤

What’s Up WordPress??

Hey Ya’ll!

It is a good thing I got over using stats as a guide to determine my self-worth! As my stats have plummeted I know it is from lack of posting. I wish I had more to say here. Some days I am overflowing with words and other days I am a dried up well. Juggling two blogs, especially one you are determined to make income off of, is hard to do. A lot of work goes into blogging. I’m sure all of you have realized this by now.

Life has been going by quickly as of late. We are already in September nearing fall. My favorite time of year! The changing of natures colors and the smells that fill the air make me happy. A feeling that is foreign without it induced.

On the home front, I keep busy making journals and setting goals. This is the first month I have committed myself to my goals so I am nervous of how it will turn out. I am trying to stay on track so I don’t get behind and fail miserably.

A month ago I was obsessing over NYAC and lucky for me I have realized that with time everything grows. I am sleeping more and getting a better quality of sleep. I feel I am right where I need to be.

My work schedule has adjusted back to the way it was taking away a day at the casino and gaining one at the bar. Football season generates a good crowd in Louisiana bars. I prefer the bar because the workload isn’t as heavy.

I have my first custom order although I am not selling publically yet. It is from a girl I work with who has a set of twin girls. The planner I am making her will double as a memory keeper. It is made for 48 weeks. I shorted myself on the price but with it being my first I am ok with that. The paper I am using is high-quality paper so it is a must that my prices are set properly. That is even before labor.

What's up WordPress-ROE

I am feeling more confident in my abilities as a crafter but not quite where I want to be. Again, I am ok with that. Mentally I have been good. I’ve gotten back into the habit of taking my meds. It’s crazy how I am able to notice when I haven’t taken them. The biggest indicator is my anger. I am quick to get frustrated and mad whereas on my medication I am more tolerable. That’s a good thing because if the meds didn’t change anything, what would be the purpose, right?

I try to read but I am literally so busy between making stuff, writing content for NYAC and work that I need more hours in the day. It is a goal of mine this month to cut off all work, except for the bar, at 9 pm. I try to be in bed by 10 so if all works out I’ll have an hour to read ya’ll’s post. I want to support y’all like you support me. It seems selfish for that to not be the case.

As for the direction of NYAC, that will be shifting soon. It will have a similar concept yet will infuse more of my personal life. I don’t discuss mental health enough on that site and I feel if I have a platform then it is my duty to discuss topics that deal with mental health. Also, I’ve decided I will upgrade to a business plan rather than doing self-hosted. Why? One word …. Maintenance. WordPress does the updates for you and you are still able to customize it to you liking. Add plug-ins etc. I am going to do a little more research before I make my final decision. I have until May to decide 100%. If you have any insight on which is better, self-hosted or the business plan, please let me know in the comments.

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I’m off to work for the second time today. Have a good evening!! Xoxo ~ Candace Lynne ❤