Welcome to the Garden!!

I’ll be your hostess, with the mostest, Eve. I welcome you with open arms.

You must be exhausted from your travels! I am ecstatic to find you have stumbled across my humble corner of the world. Sit back and relax while I go over a few details about my Garden.

As you can see it requires an abundant amount of maintenance to keep my Garden flourishing. Please keep this in mind as I do not want to pollute my pristine growth. You’ll find other’s who have come to cherish the Garden and its beauty, I politely ask that you respect one another for it takes all of us for its continued preservation.

I must also warn you that the Garden is under constant construction, building towards a respectable safe grounds for other’s who find themselves struggling. It is not perfection we aim for, it is compassion. The Garden is a sacred place of love and encouragement but I must warn you of dark day’s. They roll through bringing thunder and lightning, nourishment and confusion. I beg of you not to flee rather withstand the storm alongside me. Together we can weather any storm.

It is of the utmost importance to respect my Garden. Negativity, ego’s and judgemental opinions will not be tolerated.
I ask for your assistance in maintaining the Garden’s productivity and appeal.

Share the love with other’s, unite with the likes and celebrate life with abandon.

And one last thing ….. imaginations are required!!

Now you are free to roam. Enjoy the scenery and never hesitate to participate.